We repair almost every laptop, including Apple MacBooks.

Laptops are vulnerable to machinal shocks, which can result in a broken screen or other hardware failure.

Also, software issues and overheating problems can cause your laptop to operate slowly and prevent you from using it to its full potential. We can quickly resolve all these issues.

In most cases we can repair your device the same day you bring it in, so you are only without it for a few hours. Please remember in some cases this may take a little longer depending on the issue. So, whether it has been dropped, had liquid damage, overheating or has a software issue, we can fix them all.


We build to your specification.

In house our team have great knowledge. From you popping into us and letting know what you want your PC to do, to collecting it a few days later. We have all the callability of creating your dream.

Only High-Quality Parts Used & Apple Trained Repair Technicians

Our repairs and replacement parts will last the life of the device. We only use high quality parts in all our repairs. In addition to our emphasis on quality, we employ Apple trained and certified repair technicians to work on your device repairs, so be rest assured you are in safe hands and we really know what we are doing when it comes to the repairs we do.

3 Months Peace of Mind Warranty

A 3-month warranty comes with all our repairs unless stated otherwise. If the repair that we carried out fails, we will fix it at no cost to you. Just remember to bring in your receipt if claiming your warranty!